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Many athletes look to nutritional supplementation as a means of improving performance. The two major performance advantages sought are:
an ANABOLIC effect – an increase in muscle hypertrophy in response to training.
an ERGOGENIC effect – an increase in the energy available for training and competition.
Popularly read athletic books and magazines are saturated with propaganda promoting nutritional supplements “scientifically formulated” and endorsed by champions, purported to give just the anabolic and ergogenic advantage any athletic competitor needs to become a winner. The truth is, the “science” upon which these formulae are based is largely anecdotal evidence that amounts to little more than wishful thinking buy anabolics online.
That anabolic and ergogenic activity can be enhanced by nutritional supplementation is undeniable. The problem with the commercially available supplements is their false claim to be able to stimulate both types of performance improving activity at once. Truly scientific study of anabolic and ergogenic activity reveals that they are enhanced by exactly opposite biochemical conditions. For an athlete to take a popular brand of supplement in hopes of stimulating both is like training to win Olympic gold medals in both the marathon and in power-lifting. The two are mutually exclusive.

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