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Boysen then tried a variation of the experiments, using gumdrops as stimuli. Gumdrops were some of the chimps’ favorite treats. The chimpanzee was presented with two plates of gumdrops. One had more on it, the other had less. For example, one might have five gumdrops, the other three. While the other chimp watched, the chimp being tested was asked to point to one of the plates. Whichever plate it pointed to was given to the other chimpanzee.

In this situation, the chimp doing the pointing should have learned to point to the plate with fewer gumdrops on it, in order to have that plate given to the buy steroids online other chimpanzee and in order to get the plate with more gumdrops for itself. Instead, something odd happened. The chimps insisted on pointing to the plate that had more gumdrops, even though this meant that more gumdrops went to the other chimpanzee. Boysen says they seemed to know they were making a mistake when they pointed to the plate with more gumdrops, but they could not stop themselves. Often they expressed frustration immediately after pointing at it, even buy steroids online before Boysen removed the plate and gave it to the other chimp.

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